C.W. Treadwell

Buys Girl Birth Guide offers online, natural birth classes, on your own time. The goal of this branding is to give the parent entity, Busy Girl, an identity that can transcend birth instruction to other information products as the startup expands in the future.

The logo design infuses the concept of “busy bee” with a touch of feminine glam from the honey bee stripes fashioned in a chevron pattern—which perfectly suits the personality of the content. The inspiration for the color palette starts with typical nursery pastels in pink and blue and then makes a swift departure for more adult hues that have a bold sense of identity with roots in chic style befitting a hard-working fashionista.

bgbg-website.jpg bgbg-website-02.jpg bgbg-website-03.jpg bgbg-website-04.jpg bgbg-branding_logomark.gif bgbg-branding_cards.jpg bgbg-branding_env1.jpg bgbg-branding_env2.jpg