C.W. Treadwell

The Interstate Batteries System comprises several interrelated entities, but each have a separate website. The multiplicity of sites with similar sounding names and product offerings confuses the customer. All are outdated, and the E-commerce site, in particular, is too difficult to navigate, has poor SEO performance, is not mobile responsive, and is inflexible with evolving revenue strategy, like accommodating advertisements.

This redesign concept unifies all of Interstate’s sites into one, under the company’s main branding, which will serve to keep visitors longer, increase SEO, and help promote other areas of expertise without confusion. Its cleaner design and reorganized navigation make products in the e-store easier to find. Its modern, mobile-friendly layout grid is more modular, accommodating ad spaces and greater content density.

interstate.jpg interstate-02.jpg interstate-03.jpg interstate-04.jpg interstate-05.jpg interstate-06.jpg interstate-07.jpg interstate-08.jpg