C.W. Treadwell

The State Farm Payment Center allows customers to pay and manage their insurance bills online by logging in to their accounts on statefarm.com. The prior version of the Payment Center was not responsive, lacked key functionality, and had low adoption.

The redesign addresses all of these issues and more, but this first began with teaching a team–who was new to product management–what User Experience is and earning their trust by demonstrating value from a new kind of engagement with product design professionals.

Key to this was aligning the right product design lead for the job, in addition to a good user researcher, architect, and content strategist. Together, we worked with the product team to both help them address immediate issues with the old product and begin crafting a vision for the redesign.

In order to create alignment between the product team and UX regarding what this vision should be, I created and facilitated an alignment workshop, employing Design Thinking exercises, which helped drive the effort forward. Since then, the product team began seeing UX as a stakeholder that should be at the table, helping with product strategy every step of the way.

Today, the product team’s relationship with UX is mature, the product’s MMR (minimum marketable release) is in production, and ongoing customer feedback and analytics inform the improvements being made every, single sprint.

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